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April 25, 2016

Why MRAM Hasn't Killed DRAM

By obin Harris for Storage Bits, April 20, 2016

While Intel/Micron have made quite a splash with their 3D XPoint non-volatile memory (NVM) they are not alone in bringing new NVM tech to market. Everspin is ramping MRAM, which has critical advantages over 3D XPoint.

Everspin, the magnetic random access memory (MRAM) company, is forging ahead. They started shipping product 10 years ago and now have over 500 customers, so this is real technology, not a slide deck.

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April 18, 2016

Everspin Aims MRAM at SSD Storage Tiers

by Gary Hilson, EE Times, Designlines

TORONTO – MRAM pioneer Everspin Technologies Inc. is continuing its efforts to expand the applications for its non-volatile memory by displacing DRAM as a persistent memory in enterprise storage applications.

In a telephone interview with EE Times, Everspin CEO Phill LoPresti said storage and servers OEMs have been evaluating its ST-MRAM products, and the company will deliver further density increases for its MRAM-based storage class memory (SCM) and expects to sample a 1Gb product based on its proprietary perpendicular magnetic tunnel junction (pMTJ) ST-MRAM later this year.

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March 1, 2016

Everspin Produces 1Mb MRAM with Quad SPI Interface

Storage Newsletter March 1, 2016 - Everspin Technologies, Inc., has announced production availability of the fastest non-volatile memory with a Quad SPI interface, the MR10Q010, 1Mb QSPI MRAM.

This high performance device can read and write data at 104MHz without the write delays encountered in other non-volatile technology such as NOR Flash.

Combined with limitless write cycle endurance, the MR10Q010 is for applications that require continuous recording of critical system data with the added benefit of protection of the data in the event of unexpected power loss, without the need for batteries or capacitors. Applications such as enterprise RAID controllers can take advantage of these features to enhance the reliability of mission critical storage systems by using the MR10Q010 as a journal memory that records continuously updated system metadata.

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January 28, 2016

Cobham Announces QML V Qualification of their MRAM with IP from Everspin Technologies, Inc.

Colorado Springs, Colorado – Cobham Semiconductor Solutions announces QML V certification of their non-volatile products using Magnetoresistive Random-Access Memory (MRAM) intellectual property from Everspin Technologies, Inc.

The MRAM-based product offering includes a 64Mbit device, UT8MR8M8, offered in a 40-lead quad flatpack, and a 16Mbit device, UT8MR2M8, available in a 40-lead flatpack.  Both are in production and have been designed into various future satellites.

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