Serial and Parallel devices have JEDEC standard packaging and interfaces and are drop-in compatible with most controllers and MCU’s available today. In addition to this broad compatibility and eco-system support, Everspin has worked with a variety of specific partners listed below to provide additional tools and support.



AMD Adaptive Computing Partner Program

ST-DDR4 Controller Support

Everspin has worked with AMD to provide customers the ability to create a DDR4 controller that is optimized to work seamlessly with the EMD4E001G, a 1Gb STT-MRAM with a DDR4 like interface. Click here for more information on implementing a design with the EMD4E001G with the AMD MIG.

Controller support

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Cadence® has controller IP and VIP solutions for MRAM. Everspin customers may request ST-DDR4 MRAM-enabled IP and VIP for their Custom ASIC solutions.
Controller support

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CNEX has support for Everspin MRAM in their advanced SSD controller intended for enterprise applications.
SSD Controller support

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Cobham CAES

Cobham AES provides radiation hardened, high performance, space grade, Magneto-Resistive Random Access Memory (MRAM) with proven flight heritage based on proven technology from Everspin.
Rad-hard support

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Everspin has partnered with GLOBALFOUNDRIES to build fully processed 300mm wafers with Everspin’s magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) Spin-transfer Torque Magnetoresistive Random-Access Memory (STT-MRAM) technology, starting with GLOBALFOUNDRIES 40 nanometer and 28 nanometer low power CMOS platforms. 

Foundry Support

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JBLopen specializes in software support of embedded storage technologies targeting RTOS and bare-metal applications. JBLopen’s TREEspan transactional file system and the BASEplatform cross platform SDK provide access the latest technologies quickly and efficiently. JBLopen also offers consulting services for RTOS porting, driver & BSP development, optimization, firmware migration and more.
Software support

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Phison Electronics

Phison Electronics Corp. provides native support for Everspin’s 1 Gb STT-MRAM memory in its enterprise SSD controller lineup. Phison controllers with Everspin’s 1 Gb STT-MRAM enable storage system designers to increase the reliability and performance of systems where high performance data persistence is critical.
SSD Controller support

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Synaptic Labs

Memory Controller for Everspin xSPI MRAM
Everspin Technologies, Inc has partnered with xSPI memory controller IP domain experts SYNAPTIC LABORATORIES LTD (SLL) to provide support for Everspin’s xSPI Industrial STT-MRAM Persistent Memory (EM064LX) devices in SLL’s MULTIPLE BUS MEMORY CONTROLLER (MBMC) IP.
Controller Support

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Teledyne e2v

e2v offers a selection of Everspin MRAMs qualified for -55°C to 125°C temperature range as well as stacked multichip packaging that can achieve MRAM densities up to 32Mb.
Product support

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Xeltek SuperPro Programming Support for Parallel I/O SRAM Interface and SPI Serial Interface MRAM products from Everspin Technologies, Inc

Product Support

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