Pre-Programming for Everspin MRAM

Xeltek SuperPro Programming Support for Parallel I/O SRAM Interface and SPI Serial Interface MRAM products from Everspin Technologies, Inc

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Everspin has partnered with GLOBALFOUNDRIES to build fully processed 300mm wafers with Everspin’s magnetic tunnel junction (MTJ) Spin-transfer Torque Magnetoresistive Random-Access Memory (STT-MRAM) technology, starting with GLOBALFOUNDRIES 40 nanometer and 28 nanometer low power CMOS platforms. 

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E2V, based in Chelmsford, England, offers a selection of Everspin MRAMs qualified for the −55°C to 125°C temperature range as well as Everspin MRAM in stacked multichip packaging that can achieve MRAM densities up to 32Mb.

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