Case Study:  Hemodialysis Machine

Nikkiso Co., Ltd. of Japan, a worldwide leader in the industrial, aerospace and medical equipment market, uses MRAM in their hemodialysis machines as a data log for machine performance parameters as well as individual patient parameters.

Engineers at Nikkiso chose Everspin 4Mb and 16Mb MRAM products because of the inherent non-volatility of MRAM, requiring no battery or capacitors, the unlimited non-volatile write endurance and high speed in both non-volatile write cycles and read cycles. These unique MRAM attributes increase the reliability of the system which is of the utmost importance in Nikkiso’s high reliability medical equipment market.

MRAM in Medical Applications

The simple asynchronous SRAM interface of Everspin’s parallel I/O MRAM products made Nikkiso’s design easy to implement without additional components. The robust reliability of Everspin MRAM technology allowed Nikkiso engineers to satisfy the demanding requirements of the patient critical medical equipment market with Everspin’s standard commercial grade products.


Potential Uses for MRAM in Medical Applications Medical Ventilator Use Case

There is urgency in increasing the supply of medical ventilators due to the current Covid-19 pandemic. Several companies have issued reference designs for the production of ventilators. Everspin Technologies offers a unique MRAM memory technology that will offer benefits to the electronic system design of this type of equipment. In this application note we will provide some references to ventilator design that is currently available and show which of our MRAM products can enhance the performance and reliability of these designs.

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