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May 5, 2022

MRAM-info - Everspin Launches a new family of SPI interface MRAM Products

Everspin says that the new EMxxLX family offers the world's highest performance persistent memory with full read and write bandwidth of 400 Megabytes per second through the new JEDEC expanded Serial Peripheral Interface (xSPI) standard interface.

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May 3, 2022

JBLopen writes about the EMxxLX in 'A First Look at Everspin’s new xSPI STT‐MRAM Lineup'

JBLopen Inc.’s Edouard Haas, an embedded software expert with extensive experience with embedded file systems, has written about how the EMxxLX, Everspin’s new xSPI family of products, can benefit embedded systems, highlighting use cases where the product can compete with current flash‐based solutions and how it really changes the game for embedded designers. To read his full article, look for the Everspin Blog Series at