Everspin Application Notes

Application Notes are designed to help designers  implement high performance, persistent MRAM in their solutions. These documents bring the knowledge and expertise of Everspin engineers directly to those that can benfit the most as they create products or applications based on MRAM.


Potential Uses for MRAM in Medical Applications Medical Ventilator Use Case

There is urgency in increasing the supply of medical ventilators due to the current Covid-19 pandemic. Several companies have issued reference designs for the production of ventilators. Everspin Technologies offers a unique MRAM memory technology that will offer benefits to the electronic system design of this type of equipment. In this application note we will provide some references to ventilator design that is currently available and show which of our MRAM products can enhance the performance and reliability of these designs.

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ST-DDR4 Design Guide for Xilinx FPGA Controllers 

Spin-Transfer Torque Magnetoresistive Random Access Memory (STT-MRAM) is a technology that delivers performance, persistence and durability as DDR4-like memory called ST-DDR4. With an interface that is designed around JEDEC standards, systems can utilize STT-MRAM in their designs with the described modifications to the memory controller to comprehend the persistence of STT-MRAM. This document will help engineers understand how to enable a Xilinx FPGA memory controller to communicate with persistent ST-DDR4 memory.

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Utilizing Everspin STT-MRAM in Enterprise SSDs

This application note explores the SSD architecture benefits of employing Everspin ST-MRAM on the DDR bus of the SSD controller to provide a high speed, non-volatile write buffer in order to reduce power fail energy storage while increasing performance and storage density.

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Accelerating Fintech Applications with Lossless and Ultra-Low Latency Synchronous Logging using nvNITRO

Financial Technology (FinTech) companies are looking for performance increases that still enable them to remain in compliance by protecting data. The nvNITRO accelerator with MRAM memory can increase performance 9X by dramatically reducing latency, all while protecting the data with persistence and endurance.

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