Case Study:  Schneider Electric Modicon M580 Automation Controller

Schneider Electric is the global specialist in energy management and automation.  Their Modicon M580 Ethernet Programmable Automation Controller (ePAC) is the flagship product of the Modicon controller range.

“Everspin understands the unique demands of customers in industrial markets,” said Jean-Jacques Adragna, Architect Manager, Schneider Electric. “Features like long term data retention and extreme temperature support are very important in often harsh industrial environments. The inherent endurance of the technology simplifies and speeds product development by avoiding the use of error correction codes and wear leveling schemes required with other non-volatile memory technologies. Everspin is a trusted technology supplier that gives us visibility on its comprehensive roadmap, helping to shape our long term strategy.”

Designed for applications requiring extreme data reliability and speed, Everspin’s 16-Megabit MR4A16BMA35 MRAM benefits system designers with the fastest non-volatile memory on the market, symmetrical read/write performance and unlimited endurance. These memory features ensure automation designers that process data is retained deterministically and safely every time a power interruption occurs. In addition to the performance, the technology also allows a battery free eco-design.


Case Study:  Advantech PCM-23 Series Industrial Computing Memory Modules

The Advantech PCM-23 series memory modules are Industrial grade memory modules for the mPCIe interface which is able to extend access to the memory through the connector through iDoor technology with different functions.

The PCM-23 memory module is an optional extended memory used to store critical data in an event log. The critical data needed to be non-volatile in the event of power loss. For their non-volatile memory requirement, Advantech chose the Everspin MR4A16B 16Mb MRAM memory because it provides two megabytes of non-volatile, reliable data storage, with 20 years of data retention.  All without batteries or external capacitors.


 Case Study:  MP 277 and MP 377 Multipanel Machine Control Systems

Siemens developed their MP 277 and MP 377 Simatic Multipanel machine control systems to enable integration of several automation tasks on a single platform. The user-programmable SoftPLC option supports a comprehensive, expandable machine control system in a small form factor that helps reduce overall system cost.  

Positive Track Record for MRAM in Rugged Industrial Environments

An Everspin 4Mb MRAM memory provides non-volatility, fast read/write capabilities and high reliability, without battery backup, for the software-programmable logic controller (SoftPLC) that processes data. 


 Case Study:  Emerson Network Power

The MVME7100 industrial computer board from Emerson Network Power uses MRAM for critical data and program storage, allowing Emerson's customers to enjoy the ability to capture system data logs without concern for memory wear-out or data backup during a power failure.

The data is always non-volatile in MRAM after every write. Customers also can take advantage of MRAM's ability to be frequently updated with new programs and data. In secure applications, MRAM can hold both security keys and the security algorithms that can be updated frequently during operation without concern for memory wear-out like traditional Flash. Plus, potential threats to security are less worrisome to customers because MRAM can be erased in just milliseconds should a concern or compromising situation suddenly arise

MRAM in Industrial Computing Applications

Everspin MRAM has become a popular choice for storing critical non-volatile data and frequently changing programs in industrial computing products used as building blocks in a variety of industrial, medical and military/aerospace platforms. MRAM provides a preferable solution for applications that traditionally relied on battery-backed SRAM because it offers the same fast read/write speed and unlimited endurance, longer 20-year data retention without power and superior high temperature performance.