Factory Automation

Case Study:  Koyo Electronics Industries Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)

For more than a half century, Koyo Electronics has been producing highly reliable factory automation systems for the industrial market.

Everspin’s 1Mb x16 parallel interface MRAM is now designed into Koyo Electronics Industries’ new Direct Logic 205 (DL205) Series Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs).  Koyo’s DL205 PLC is the company’s most configurable and versatile solution in their portfolio, allowing up to five different CPU types, up to 16,384 I/O points, multiple communication options, Human Machine Interface (HMI), and a PID Controller with up to 16 built-in loops.  Unlike other standard mainstream memories, Everspin’s MRAM enables data integrity and reliability in harsh environments, and instant event save in the event of a power loss and without the need for a battery.

“In addition to fulfilling our needs for a battery-less PLC system, Everspin MRAM enables our DL205 Series PLCs with highly reliable and robust memory to the benefit of our automotive and industrial customers.  In addition, the system expands to Human Machine Interface (HMI) products to meet the growing customers’ expectations for system reliability, cost of ownership reduction, and eco-friendly management.”  -  Masaaki Nishida, Corporate Senior Vice President of Koyo Electronics.

The DL205 Series PLCs and expansion modules from Koyo Electronics utilize 1-Megabit parallel interface (MR0A16A) MRAM from Everspin.  Everspin’s field-switched MRAM is the fastest truly non-volatile memory on the market, offers extremely high data retention and unlimited endurance, and is offered in a variety of packages, interfaces (SPI, QSPI, x8 and x16 parallel), and densities (up to 16-Megabit).