MRAM for Radiation-hard Markets

Modern memory relies on an electronic charge for the storage of information. While most of the memory designed and utilized here on earth is adequate to the task, when systems leave our atmosphere the impact from significantly higher levels of radiation can cause havoc to data stored in space.

Magnetoresistive RAM (MRAM) is a non-volatile memory that can protect data from loss of power and perform appropriately in space.  Everspin and its partners have more MRAM in space and radiation prone environments than any other company.  

As the only MRAM provider with US manufacturing capabilities, Everspin can deliver 8” MRAM wafers in our back end of line (BEOL) FAB. Our ability to work with multiple CMOS front end of line (FEOL) foundry options enables us to deliver both discrete and embedded (eMRAM) MRAM.  Everspin has been producing Space Grade MRAM for its partners this way for over 10 years.

At more advanced nodes, Everspin has been shipping commercial MRAM (40nm to 22nm) through a partnership with GlobalFoundries starting in 2017.   Custom MRAM or embedded MRAM devices are possible at these nodes as well. 

Everspin MRAM has been independently tested and shown to have zero hard errors greater than 1 Mrad and at LET values of 84 MeV-cm2/mg.

Everspin also has a commercial memory roadmap that delivers a commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) capability that helps to drive better efficiency, cost management, and long-term availability for RAD HARD solutions. Our long-term roadmap gives designers the confidence to engineer MRAM into their military and aerospace solutions without worrying about obsolescence or requalification from constant product changes. Customers can even leverage Everspin design IP for their custom projects if needed as well. 

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