Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

Flash Memory Summit

August 11-13, Santa Clara, CA

See us at Booth #844We plan demonstrations of several applications using MRAM.  And at the MRAM Industry Panel Discussion on August 12, Everspin will present  “MRAM Breaks Through as a Persistent Memory”.  

See you there August 11-13, 2015 


Then, immediately following the close of Flash Memory Summit on Thursday...

The New Class of Fastest Enterprise SSDs
by Terry Hulett, Everspin Technologies, Inc.

What could you do with non-volatile memory pushing 1 Million IOPs?  How about 10 Million?  With recent advancements in memory controller technology, complemented with the world’s fastest non-volatile memory, engineers will soon be able to rethink how they build persistence and data integrity into their storage systems.

Terry Hulett, Vice President, Systems Engineering & GM Systems Solutions Group at Everspin will speak at the August 13 meeting of the Storage Valley Supper Club X.  Drinks and networking beginning at 6pm. 

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