Everspin Custom MRAM Capabilities

Everspin Clean Room for Custom Manufacturing

Through its extensive MRAM technology and design IP, Everspin can deliver a variety of custom MRAM solutions to meet a wide range of customer design needs. Everspin has been producing MRAM commercially since 2006 and has a suite of capabilities that no other provider offers:

Experienced Design Services

Whether need is for a discrete or embedded MRAM memory solution, Everspin can deliver custom STT-MRAM devices to match your exacting specifications. Our proven success with multiple engagements shows our ability to address broader projects like full chip enablement or even work closely with in-house design teams in the creation of MRAM-based solutions. Everspin’s extensive IP portfolio is available to you throughout the process, backed by over 650 MRAM-related patents. 

8” Back End of Line Manufacturing

Through our own US-based manufacturing facility in Chandler, Arizona, we can perform BEOL manufacturing on 8” wafers that come from any CMOS foundry, worldwide. In production for over 15 years, this line currently produces all commercial Everspin Toggle MRAM products and is well trusted by not only commercial customers but also the US Government.

12” 40/28/22nm STT-MRAM Manufacturing

For those who want to integrate MRAM directly into their SOCs or other designs, our partnership with GLOBALFOUNDRIES enables STT-MRAM to be embedded directly at the wafer level. Both manufacturing and test can be performed in a single facility to speed delivery and reduce complexity. Our commercially proven STT-MRAM line brings an unprecedented level of MRAM integration for 22nm designs, including FD SOI capabilities for RAD Hard designs.

To speak with us about how our custom capabilities can help you achieve your design goals, contact us at custom@everspin.com