Everspin MRAM Helps JAG's Process Control Systems Boost Productivity of Production Processses

March 8, 2017

JAG employs Everspin MRAM throughout their PdiCSTM Process Control Systems line

Chandler, AZ, March 8, 2017 — Everspin Technologies, Inc., and JAG Jakob Ltd. have announced that Everspin’s MR4A16B 16Mb MRAM is being used in JAG’s PdiCSTM Process Control Systems, boosting productivity by making process equipment more efficient. Complex and high value industrial production processes, like the ones commonly encountered in biotech and pharmaceutical markets, require high availability process control systems to maximize production throughput. JAG chose Everspin’s 16Mb MRAM in their PdiCSTM family to meet the needs of these demanding production processes which have up to 20-year lifetimes with constant 24/7 uptime.

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