Everspin hits the 1Gb milestone with new 28nm MRAMs

August 8, 2017

Eversping has a bunch of MRAM announcements today starting with the first Gigabit device. On top of that there are a few PCIe based accelerator boards to talk about.

SemiAccurate has always thought Everspin technology was interesting and saw a lot of potential for the products. Until today you could only get their MRAM in 256Mb capacities, enough for some applications but a bit of a psychological downer to be in the Mb class in a Gb world. Sure the tech was radically different but those numbers do make some skeptical. As we mentioned that changed with the introduction of today’s 1Gb class MRAMs. They are built on a Globalfoundries 28nm process, something SemiAccurate previously told you about, and will probably port down to the 22/20nm node soon enough.

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