Everspin Announces Development of STT-MRAM for Industrial and IoT Applications

February 25, 2020

Everspin today announced the development of STT-MRAM specifically for Industrial and IoT applications at Embedded World in Germany. Building on the success of its award winning 1Gb Spin-transfer Torque MRAM, Everspin is developing a new STT product family to deliver the attributes required by broad industrial applications, providing:

  • Data persistence (non-volatility) with data retention of >10 years
  • Unlimited endurance
  • 8Mb to 256Mb densities
  •  -40 to +85C operating temperature range
  • SRAM-like performance, low latency and high bandwidth
  • Standard JEDEC Serial interface (SPI, QSPI, OSPI, xSPI)
  • Compatibility with Everspin’s existing Serial Toggle MRAM as well as nvSRAM, FRAM and NOR Flash

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