Everspin Announces Expansion of Industrial STT-MRAM Devices

October 17, 2023

Everspin Technologies announced today that it is expanding its flagship industrial, high-density STT-MRAM product family, the EMxxLX. The EMxxLX product, announced last year, is the highest-performing persistent memory available today. The product family is now equipped with a new 4Mb Capacity point , Smaller Footprint Package, and Extended Industrial Temperature Range of 105⁰C. Sanjeev Aggarwal, president, and CEO of Everspin Technologies, emphasized: "We are proud to announce the expansion of our EMxxLX MRAM product line, now featuring not only SRAM-like performance with low latency and the ability to maintain memory without requiring power but also an extended temperature range to cater to diverse environmental demands. With the addition of a 4Mb capacity option, our MRAM devices provide even more options to select the optimal density solutions. They continue to deliver extremely high endurance, remain compatible with other memory types, and offer ease of integration into customers’ designs."

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