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The Everspin blog is our way of communicating to customers, partners, and the industry in general exactly what MRAM is and how it can be used in the development of solutions that range from industrial to enterprise to transportation and beyond. If you have a request for us to address a particular topic, you can use our information request form and suggest a topic in the Describe Your Request section.


Choices: Toggle or STT-MRAM?

There are clear benefits to using Toggle MRAM and STT-MRAM which is why Everspin continues to invest in both product lines. In June 2019, we announced production phase for our 1 Gb STT-MRAM product. During the announcement, many media and analysts viewed this as a move away from our Toggle MRAM product line. That couldn’t be further from the truth, evidenced by our recent expansion of our Toggle MRAM solutions. We deliver choices to our customers to meet their broad application requirements. We’re now offering a wide variety of Toggle MRAM densities, with new 2Mb, 8MB and 32Mb Toggle MRAM solutions to accompany our 16MB and other low-density solutions, adding to memory and price point variety. Read more...