Executive Management and Board

Executive Management 


Kevin Conley


Kevin Conley, Everspin President and CEO

Kevin Conley has served as a member of our Board of Directors since March 2017. Kevin Conley was appointed President and CEO of Everspin in September 2017. Conley was Senior Vice President and CTO of SanDisk until June 2016, where he was focused on fostering strategic innovation at the company. Previously, he served as senior vice president and general manager of SanDisk's Client Storage Solutions and spent over 15 years at SanDisk holding several key system engineering leadership positions. Conley is listed as the inventor or co-inventor on over 50 patents in the area of non-volatile memory architecture and management.

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Sanjeev Aggarwal, Ph.D.


Sanjeev Aggarwal, Ph.D., Vice President, Manufacturing and Process Technology

Sanjeev leads Everspin’s manufacturing team to ensure product simplification and cost effectiveness of Toggle MRAM integrated on 0.18 and 0.13 micron silicon. His team also is responsible for process development of Spin-Torque MRAM and its integration on CMOS at 90nm and future nodes. Prior to Everspin, he was senior member Technical Staff at Freescale Semiconductor and led the integration efforts for Toggle MRAM development. Before joining Freescale, Sanjeev was member Group Technical Staff at Texas Instruments where he played a lead role in the process development and commercialization of embedded ferroelectric memories and contributed to TI's 90nm and 45nm BEOL metallization processes. 

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Tom Andre


Tom Andre, Vice President, Engineering

Tom manages the Everspin design team located at the Austin Design Center where he is responsible for leading the product design efforts. Prior to the formation of Everspin, Tom was a design project leader for 10 years in the Motorola/Freescale MRAM development team. While at Motorola, Tom also led the design of embedded DRAM modules, supporting this effort through successful product introduction. In addition, Tom has led several stand-alone DRAM designs at Alliance Semiconductor and held design positions in the Defense Systems and Electronics Group at Texas Instruments.

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Annie Flaig


Norm Armour, Vice President, Operations

Norm Armour is Everspin's Vice President of Operations, he most recently served as the Managing Director for Worldwide Facilities at Micron Technology where his focus was on constructing new Fab facilities for the corporation as well as achieving “best in class” Facilities and Sustainability metrics. Prior to joining Micron, Norm worked at Western Digital as the VP of Magnetic Heads and later VP of Manufacturing Technology. Just prior to WD, Norm was VP of Global Manufacturing at Alta Devices a Silicon Valley start-up.

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Norm Armour


Annie Flaig, Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales

Annie is responsible for day-to-day operations for all aspects of direct and indirect sales, as well as overseeing Everspin’s channel ecosystem.  She will lead the efforts across a broad set of markets including automotive, computing, storage and industrial IoT to increase revenue and expand market activities, as well as contribute to the marketing and business strategy for Everspin products.


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Bryan Kang 


Bryan Kang, Vice President of MRAM Technology and Product Development

Bryan manages the Everspin Design Team located in the Austin Design Center, where he is responsible for leading Stand Alone product design. With over 25 years of proven product planning and technology development experience, Bryan has served as Memory Architect and Design at Nantero, Inc., where he designed and developed non-volatile memory devices. From December 2007 to March 2015, Bryan served as Vice President of the Design Center at SK Hynix America Inc., where he led in the development of various memory technologies, including the first 4Gb DDR3 with 3xnm technology. Prior to SK Hynix Bryan had developed many DRAM products at Samsung and Elpida. 

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Pat Patla


Pat Patla, Senior Vice President of Marketing

As the Senior Vice President of Marketing, Pat Patla is responsible for driving strategic direction for Everspin and leading the marketing effort to drive growth across our business, including product roadmaps and the development and execution of global marketing strategies that solidify the leadership position of the company. Prior to Everspin, Pat was the Senior VP and General Manager for KNUPATH, a privately held semiconductor company, where he was responsible for establishing product roadmap strategies in the Machine Learning space.  In addition, he has held several senior management positions including VP of Server Business Marketing at Samsung and VP and GM of the Server and Embedded Division of Advanced Micro Devices.

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Angelo Ugge 


Angelo Ugge, Vice President, Business Development and Operations

Angelo Ugge joins Everspin as Vice President of Business Development. Most recently, Angelo ran Eviteck Consulting LLC, a Marketing and Business Development Consulting firm in Europe focused in helping small/medium size technology companies to develop to their fullest potential. Prior to Eviteck, Angelo held the CEO position at Bridgeco of Zurich, Switzerland, MemsOptical of Huntsville, Alabama, and was Vice President and General Manager of ST Microelectronics in Carrollton, Texas.

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Jeff Winzeler


Jeff Winzeler, Chief Financial Officer

Jeff joined Everspin from Avnera, a privately held semiconductor company specializing in analog and digital SoC's where he served as Chief Financial Officer. Prior to Avnera Jeff served as CFO at Rackwise Inc., Solar Power, Inc., and International Display Works. Jeff worked as a Financial Controller for Intel Corporation for 17 years. He lived in multiple Intel locations including Arizona, New Mexico, Israel, Malaysia, and Folsom where he managed the financial operations of many of Intel's wafer fabrication and assembly-test operations. Prior to leaving Intel in 2004, Jeff was the Controller of Intel's $2 billion Flash memory division.

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