Documents for MR3A16AUYS45


Rev. 1.0 Effective Nov 12 2019

MR3A16AUYS45 Datasheet rev1.0

MR3A16AUYS45 Datasheet rev 1.0



Rev. 1.3 Effective Apr 12 2018

Everspin TSOP2 Package Guide.pdf

Thermal Resistance, Recommended reflow profile, package outline drawings for all TSOP2 packages from Everspin


application notes

Rev. 1 Effective Sep 28 2015

EST02880 Magnetic Immunity for Everspin MRAM 073115.pdf


Rev. 1 Effective Mar 30 2013

Comparing Technologies FRAM vs. MRAM

Compares FRAM memory technology with Everspin's MRAM technology.


Rev. 2 Effective Mar 1 2013

Replacing Cypress CY14B104NA BA and ZS nvSRAMs with Everspin MR2A16A MRAM

Replacing the Cypress CY14B104NA-BA/ZS45XI nvSRAM with Everspin's MR2A16Axxx35 MRAM


Rev. 1 Effective Feb 1 2012

Approximating the Magnetic Field When Using Everspin MRAM

How to create an approximation of the magnetic field strength surrounding an MRAM


technical articles & white papers

Rev. 1.1 Effective Feb 9 2018

MRAM Improvements to Automotive Non-Volatile Memory Storage

Automotive powertrain modules use flash memory technology to retain critical control and diagnostic information during power off (keep-alive memory (KAM) and non-volatile memory (NVM)). Complex software must be designed to maximize the lifecycle of these devices because they have a limited number of write cycles. MRAM (Magneto resistive Random Access Memory) has the potential to eliminate this complexity and make the process of managing KAM and NVM easier and more robust. This paper demonstrates using off-board MRAM devices with a next generation of powertrain microprocessor. The prototype boards integrating the latest powertrain microcontroller, with the Everspin MRAM MRA16A (2 pcs of x16 bits) and MR2xH50 (@ a SCK 40MHz) chips were created. An investigation was performed evaluating the MRAM capabilities for storing and retrieving data during simulated key-off and key-on events.


Rev. 1 Effective Jan 8 2010

Toggle and Spin-Torque MRAM: Status and Outlook

Article by J.M. Slaughter,, of Everspin Technologies


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Effective Mar 26 2019

QUA00417_Everspin Reach Statement_SVHC197_2-25-19.pdf

Everspin Reach Statement - 2019


Rev. 032718 Effective Mar 27 2018


Everspin RoHS compliance


Rev. 032718 Effective Mar 27 2018

QUA00417_Everspin Reach Statement 3_27_2018.pdf

Everspin REACH statement


Rev. 4.20 Effective Dec 16 2016

EICC Product Level Master


Rev. 4.20 Effective Dec 16 2016

EICC Company Level Master


Rev. 2 Effective Jan 24 2014

No Red Phosphorus content in Everspin products

Red Phosphorus Statement