Micross Components - Everspin's Die Sales Distributor


Everspin MRAM in die form are available from Micross Components 

Everspin’s family of both parallel asynchronous IO and serial SPI interface products in densities ranging from 256Kb up to 16Mb are available now in die form from Micross Components.


Micross Components is a leading global provider of specialty electronics solutions for defense, space, medical and demanding industrial industries. As a single-source supplier of advanced high-reliability electronics, they manufacture and distribute a wide range of products, including integrated circuit and discrete bare die and wafers; passive components, distinctive devices such as solid state batteries and SiC devices; connectors; standard and custom packaged devices; and a comprehensive list of services spanning assembly, test and mechanical component modifications.

With over 35 years' experience and a quality system certified to applicable aerospace, military, and industrial standards, Micross possesses the design, manufacturing, and logistics expertise needed to support an application throughout the program life cycle. Today, we've attracted a growing roster of blue chip companies and leading semiconductor manufacturers who now rely on us as their primary supplier of high-reliability specialty electronics.

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