MR0DL08B - 1Mb Dual Voltage (Low Range) 8-bit I/O Parallel Interface MRAM

The MR0DL08B is a dual power supply 1Mb MRAM with the VDD operating range extended down to 2.7v.

  • 2.7v. to 3.6v. VDD.
  • 1.65v. to 3.6v. VDDQ.
  • 45ns Read/Write speed with unlimited endurance.
  • Data non-volatile with 20 years retention.
  • Data retained on power loss.

Product Options

Package Speed Temp Rating VDD VDDQ Pack/Ship Ordering Part # Status Docs Inquiry or Sample Request
48-BGA Commercial 2.7-3.6v 1.8 Tray MR0DL08BMA45 MP
48-BGA Commercial 2.7-3.6v 1.8 Tape & Reel MR0DL08BMA45R MP