Professional Audio

Case Study:  Analog Keys 4 Voice Professional Analog Synthesizer

Made for the stage by Elektron Music Machines of Gothenburg, Sweden , the Analog Keys 4 Voice Analog Synthesizer features 37 semi-weighted keys, four analog voices, over 4000 sound slots, a powerful sequencer, and a lightning fast digital control system.

Using the fast-write and non-volatile data retention of an Everspin 16Mb MRAM, Analog Keys musicians are able to constantly record their artistic audio session for instant replay accessibility and modulation.

Using MRAM for real-time recording allows artists to constantly tweak and re-tweak instantly recorded music, pause and pick up in a recording session for maximum efficiency and artistic flow, and provide the musician piece of mind that a live session of custom voices and step patterns recorded on-the-fly will be safely and deterministically stored in the case of an unexpected power interruption.

According to Electron Music Machines,  "...Everspin’s MRAM provides these features and system benefits in a single, standard-interface memory solution without the need for any external power sources such as batteries or capacitors.”

Hear Elektron’s Analog Keys 4 Voice Synthesizer in action: