Everspin at Supercomputing 17


At Supercomputing 17, the global high-performance computing event being held November 13-16 in Denver, Colorado, Everspin Technologies will be demonstrating the performance and latency advantages of its nvNITRO storage accelerator along with its partner Smart Modular Technologies. Located in booth 273, Everspin and Smart Modular will be demonstrating how an nvNITRO storage accelerator can act as a high-speed buffer cache for NVMe SSDs, dramatically speeding up the journal logging for transactions being written to the SSD.


In financial environments where every transaction must be journaled for compliance, the system cannot execute the next transaction until it has successfully completed the previous transaction and properly written the data to the journal logs.

With nvNITRO, the low latency and high performance of its ST-MRAM memory means that transactions can be logged more rapidly, enabling the system to move on to the next transaction, ultimately driving better efficiency and more profitability for financial customers – all while helping protect the bottom line. With the persistent capabilities of ST-MRAM, customers can be ensured that there is no chance of losing data.

When compared to Intel 750 SSDs, it is easy to see the dramatic difference in performance that results from the lower latency of nvNITRO.