16Mb MRAM - Parallel Interface

16Mb Parallel Interface MRAM

Everspin 16Mb MRAM is SRAM compatible with 35 ns read/write timing and unlimited endurance. Data are always non-volatile for greater than 20 years. Data is automatically protected on power loss by low-voltage inhibit circuitry to prevent writes with voltage out of specification. To simplify fault tolerant design, the MR4A16B includes internal single bit error correction code with 7 ECC parity bits for every 64 data bits.




Configuration Interface / Bus / IO Speed / Frequency Vdd
2Mbx8 8 Bit Parallel 35ns/45ns 3.3v MR4A08B
1Mbx16 16 Bit Parallel 35ns/45ns 3.3v MR4A16B