nvNITRO Technology

Accelerate your enterprise compute and storage systems with full data integrity on power failure and virtually unlimited endurance using Everspin nvNitro™ accelerators.

Information management suffers from two key challenges for businesses: immediacy and accuracy. Everspin understands this and has introduced nvNITRO storage accelerators which deliver extremely fast read and write times with ultra-low latency. Backed by the reliability and durability of STT-MRAM, the data is persistent and protected if there is system power loss or interruption..

This extreme performance, combined with ultra-low and consistent latency, means that demanding applications such as high frequency financial trading systems will be able to count on faster, more predictable transactions. The read/write speed and low latency have value in many storage applications such as database and file system acceleration, on-line transaction processing log caches, and metadata caching/buffering. The need for faster speed across storage networks and within data centers can now be met with the industry’s first all MRAM storage cards that provide both block access storage and byte addressable memory functions on the same platform. Learn how Everspin’s line of storage accelerators deliver extremely fast read and write times with ultra-low latency.

Key features:

  • Storage capacities: 1GB today, higher capacities in the future
  • PCIe Gen3 x8
  • NVMe 1.2.1 and block storage
  • PCIe Direct Memory Access
  • 1.5M+ random 4KB IOPS (reads, writes, and mixed)
  • Ultra-low access latency (μs)
  • Consistent latency (short tail)
  • Inherently power fail safe


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