EMD3D256M - 256Mb Spin-transfer Torque MRAM

The EMD3D256M is the industry's first production STT-MRAM device, targeted at enterprise and computing applications that need performance, persistence, and endurance.

  • ST-DDR3 interface for easy integration into storage applications such as enterprise SSD
  • 667MHz option, 1333MT/s per pin transfer rate
  • JEDEC-compatible BGA package

Product Options

Package Speed Temp Rating VDD Pack/Ship Ordering Part # Status Docs Inquiry or Sample Request
78-BGA 667MHz Commercial Tray EMD3D256M08G1-150CBS1 MP
78-BGA 667MHz Commercial Tape & Reel EMD3D256M08G1-150CBS1R MP
96-BGA 667MHz Commercial Tray EMD3D256M16G2-150CBS1 MP
96-BGA 667MHz Commercial Tape & Reel EMD3D256M16G2-150CBS1R MP