DDR4 ST-MRAM Products

DDR4 Compatible Spin Torque MRAM

Everspin’s newest Spin-Torque MRAM product is designed to comply with all JEDEC DDR4 DRAM commands and physical levels but with some timing differences that are unique to ST-MRAM.

  • DDR4 protocol and physical layer compliant interface memories
  • Non-volatile, high endurance persistent memory
  • Capable of operation at rates of up to 2133MT/sec/pin
  • Refresh is not required with Spin-Torque MRAM technology, which greatly simplifies design and reduces system overhead
  • Some unique timing and page size limits


Everspin 1Gb DDR4 Spin-Torque MRAM

The EMD4E001G is a 1 Gigabit ST-MRAM organized as a 128Mb x 8 or 64Mb x 16 and capable of DDR4 operation at rates of up to 2133MT/sec/pin. Product availability will be announced soon.