64Mb Spin-Torque MRAM - DDR3 DRAM Compatible

64Mb DRAM Compatible MRAM

The DDR3 Spin-Torque MRAM is a non-volatile memory that is non-volatile with high endurance at DDR3 speeds. The device is capable of DDR3 operation at rates of up to 800MT/sec/in. It is designed to comply with all DDR3 DRAM features such as posted CAS, on-device termination (ODT), and internal ZQ calibration. With Spin-Torque MRAM technology, cell refresh is not required, which greatly simplifies system design and reduces overhead.


The initial 64Mb device is the first product in Everspin's ST-MRAM roadmap that is planned to scale to up to gigabit density and higher speeds.

  • Supports Standard DDR3 SDRAM Features.
  • Standard DDR3 SDRAM compatible footprint and pinouts.
  • 400MHz clock.
  • 512-bit Page Size.
  • On-Device Termination.

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