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The Everspin Family of Products
Bringing Innovation to Memory and Storage Technology

First Generation MRAM: Fast Write SRAM Compatible Non-Volatile RAM

Using Toggle MRAM Technology

Everspin's Toggle MRAM technology revolutionizes non-volatile memory by storing data using magnetic polarization rather than electric charge. Everspin owns a patented Toggle cell design that uses a single transistor, 1 Magnetic Tunnel Junction (MTJ) cell to build a simple, high-density memory that is as fast as an SRAM for Read/Write, is non-volatile with unlimited endurance, and retains data for 20 years.


Everspin First Generation MRAM, using Toggle MRAM technology, is inherently non-volatile and retains data without external batteries or capacitors. Everspin's First Generation MRAM is ideal for applications in which:

  • Critical data must be retained in the event of power loss.
  • Data must written/read at high speed but retained permanently.
  • "Instant on" applications.

See the Entire First Generation Toggle MRAM Product Line from Everspin

16 bit I/O 16Mb 4Mb 1Mb
8 bit I/O 16Mb 4Mb 1Mb 256Kb
Serial I/O 4Mb 1Mb 256Kb

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Embedded MRAM (eMRAM)

Everspin is an industry-leading supplier of embedded memory solutions. Our MRAM technology and proprietary IP enables us to provide non-volatile, fast-write embedded memory blocks that are compatible with CMOS systems at the 40nm fabrication technology node and beyond.


Everspin embedded MRAM is a superior alternative to embedded Flash or SRAM.

  • Replaces embedded Flash or SRAM at any CMOS system with superior MRAM performance.
  • Half the area of embedded SRAM at the 40nm node
  • Everspin MRAM technology and embedded MRAM blocks are not disruptive within CMOS systems. Everspin embedded MRAM uses standard CMOS technology.
  • Everspin will fully support all embedded MRAM designs with customized IP cores and peripheral control logic for each design.

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Second Generation: DDR-3 Compatible Non-Volatile RAM

Using Spin-Torque MRAM Technology

Everspin's Second Generation MRAM, using Spin-Torque MRAM (ST-MRAM) Technology is a performance-optimized Storage Class Memory that bridges the role of today's conventional memory with the demands of tomorrow’s storage systems. It is the first semiconductor memory that combines the speed and endurance of DRAM with the non-volatility of Flash.

A 64Mb DDR-3 compatible device is the first product in Everspin’s ST-MRAM roadmap. The roadmap is planned to scale up to gigabit density memories with faster speeds. Select customers are now evaluating samples of Everspin’s EMD3D064M 64Mb DDR3 ST-MRAM.


Everspin Spin-Torque DDR-3 MRAM is ideal for applications that require:

  • DRAM speeds with non-volatility; retains data with power loss.
  • DDR-3 – 1600 Speed Bin DRAM Speeds
  • DDR-3 Features with no Refresh required

Available Products

  • 64Mb Density; roadmap to gigabit densities
  • x4, x8, and x16 Parallel configurations available.
  • Industry standard FBGA package

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